January 2020

Kate Vinson


Of the Land


Kate Vinson

My work often comes from a place of mind, body, and spirit. As a sculptor. I use easily accessible materials to create contemporary forms. These forms are grounded in an organic sensibility interpreted with an element of transformation. I enjoy exploring philosophical constructs such as: being/becoming, existence/potential, ways of knowing, universality, and the lived experience.

I seek to create opportunities for the viewer to engage, experience, question, and explore one’s connection to self, the world, and humanity. As a catalyst my art can present ways for the viewer to explore the daily and breadth of life as well as a relationship to universal consciousness.

I grew up two hours south of the Bridge in North Central Michigan. As a high schooler, I was a photographer on the yearbook staff, intending to be the next Margaret Bourke White.

I have worked across the country in non traditional educational settings, everything from Outdoor Adventure Education to Elder hostel. I eventually relocated to Mankato, Minnesota for graduate work. While there, I studied Experiential Education and obtained a teaching license in Art Education. I currently work with high schoolers exploring sculptural art forms.

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