July/August 2017

Patricia Haynes & Pauline Mitchell

Patricia Haynes:
Drawing and painting have been abiding interests of mine since childhood. In dozens of classes, I have benefited from a group of magnetic teachers; I experimented with a wide range of media and subject matter under their tutelage. Eventually, life drawing became my primary focus.

Then, in 1999, enrollment in a pottery class was unexpectedly inspiring. I was introduced not only to a new medium, but more importantly, to an unexplored perspective. Quickly bored with the idea of throwing a perfect pot, I rolled out slabs of clay. Designing three dimensional forms with these slabs left me breathless with excitement. And, the discovery of clay's responsive qualities gave me pure joy. The soft surface begged for shaping and texture. My years of studying the human form enabled me to reach into a new world. Earthenware forced and enabled me to develop new ways of thinking about how to express the figure. That combination of figure drawing and the magic of clay led to this body of work. I am constantly challenged and surprised by each new piece.

Pauline Mitchell: ONE IN EIGHT

"One woman in eight who lives to age 85 will develop breastcancer during her lifetime.”-National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

I am a survivor. On Valentine’s Day in 1995 I had a bi-lateralradical mastectomy. Why radical? I wanted the cancer out, now!

For a long time, it was difficult to look at myself in a mirror. Oneday I accepted that these are my battle scars and I had earned them.Battling with cancer changes a person.

Before surgery I would take a long time getting to know people.Sometimes, so much time, that I never did get to know them. Aftersurgery, I realized that my time might be very short and I didn’thave the time to wait or to be shy.

I have learned to make decisions and make them fairly quickly.

My goal is to live one day at a time.

Why this body of work? To heal…and to share with others whohave been on the same journey