March 2016

Peppino S. Earthman
Photographer/Visual Artist
Earthman and Associates Ltd

Peppino Earthman is a seasoned professional photographer for 25 years. Peppino started out shooting family events and events for friends. Later Peppino traveled the Southern United States and Midwest; he has photographed some of the controversial places for their beauty and uniqueness. Peppino has photographed several metropolitan cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, St. Louis, and the California Coastline.

Family, friends, and colleagues have stated Peppino is naturally content when he has a camera in his hand. Photography is Peppino’s passion, he has spent hours shooting photos of everything in his path. He appreciates the beauty of architecture and what landscapes has to offer and wishes to share this beauty with mankind.

“As a professional photographer/Visual Artist, Peppino has traveled the Southern States, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Cuba, & South America to shoot some of the most historical, controversial, and beautiful sites some long forgotten…Peppino sees the unseen beauty of what the earth has to offer and some of the places most people want to forget. Peppino has also shot some of the most beautiful women in the world and is always looking for new assignments to build his portfolio; and currently looking for reliable models, which can be ready for a shoot in a reasonable time, willingly and availability to travel.”

The photographs displayed were shot in Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. The area of expertise Peppino has chosen is: Architectural, Landscapes, Urban, and Events. Peppino doesn’t Photoshop any of his photographs; his belief is in “Natural Beauty”…Nothings perfect and that’s the way it was intended, why photo shop to turn it into make-believe.

“Life isn’t measured by the number of Breaths we take… But by the moment we take our Breath”

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Peppino Earthman:
Earthman and Associates Ltd
Mobile: 612-770-5670
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