October-November 2015

Wonder Me Mosaics

Wonder Me Mosaics
Kristin Dieng

Art means something unique to both artists and viewers, and artists’ motivations for creating art vary widely as well. For me, a lot of my creative motivation comes from trying to respond positively to a chronic illness, and the ways in which that illness (chronic, intractable migraines) have affected my life. As those with migraines know, you spend a lot of time in the dark. Alone in a bedroom. In your head. Battling pain, depression and thoughts of constrained possibilities. All places that are dark physically or mentally. So for me, since losing my professional career (a much-loved international career involving Africa, the Middle East and Asia), I have struggled to find some meaning in being confined, and alone, so much of the time. I have started creating art (on my good health days!), and I am finding that I keep to the theme of beauty as a way to fight the darkness of migraines. I enjoy creating designs involving nature, bright colors and light. Instead of highlighting the disability in my art, and making it visible, I find that instead I try and use art to “fight” the disability, and the costs of disability. For more than a decade I enjoyed creating a variety of forms of fiber art (i.e. quilts, wall hangings, applied clothing, children’s blankets, crocheted items, etc.). I now, however, primarily focus on creating stained glass-on-glass mosaic art.

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