August-September 2015


Nicole Hoekstra

My approach to collage is based on my assessment of vigor and the review of the world in nature-in the aspects of grandeur. I believe in people and in the facets of human life, and the relation of man to nature. I have not set out to make art about one subject or another. At the same time, I have not set out to make work that is social commentary, but as my work developed, the descriptions started to emerge and a pattern began to evolve. This body of work is an excavation of the inheritance of the past. It delves into the connectedness of the real and abstract. Often referencing American history, my work explores Modernity and its relation to fine art. Although, there may not be formal similarities between the projects they are linked by reoccurring material features. In most of my work, I have appropriated work from people that were part of the Works Progress Association

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