June-July 2015


Who is Limpio?

Limpio is Matt Litwin. Matt is a travelling man, currently residing in his hometown until the next airplane takes him to a new locale to make art in community.

From Limpio Designs:

Every city's biggest assest is its people and its vibrant, diverse neighborhoods, but sadly violent crime and crime against property are eroding the confidence and quality of life for many residents. With Limpio Designs I am able to work with local street artists to use original murals and street art to strip away destructive gang symbols, and rethink oppressive environments. I also work with community non profit organizations and schools to find ways of replacing negative scars, and help fill abandoned spaces with new images that evoke community pride, renewal, and hope for the future.

Limpio's Story: I've been traveling around and exploring different fields of art since a young age. I started getting into community murals in Chicago, and the idea of it all really interested me. Currently I am focused on creating murals that revitalize abandoned spaces, and explore concepts that encourage inspiration and pride through public art. I would say collaboration and positive engagement within communities are two large factors in my art practice.