June-July 2014

Art, Music and Soul


Noelle Rollins

Music, Wine and Soul

Artist Statement: My mission is to bring light to the positive, beautiful and spiritual side of life through my art, stories and bringing together an inspiring group. I aim to do these while respecting the earths beauty and resources, much of my work is done on repurposed materials. I love to paint the things that bring us closer to our most inspired, authentic and soulful selves. In my shop you’ll find music artwork, soulful yoga and meditative artwork, sports, florals and more. I often infuse my artwork with poetry and uplifting messages. All things that inspire different sides of me and my clients. There are times to sit back, reflect and to quietly listen to our inner voices, there are other times where we are ready to go out let the world know we me mean business, and have things to share. As I’ve tried to narrow my body of work to just one artwork style I’ve really realized that many are necessary in life, the yin and yang that makes the world go ’round. Let’s celebrate our strengths, empowered lives and our soft, reflective, intuitive sides simultaneously.

Noelle Rollins ia a painter from Crysal, MN with special interest in Music and yoga..

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