Celestial Navigation

An installation by Karen Hanmer

January 18 — February 29, 2008

Prolific book, print, and installation artist Karen Hanmer created a piece specifically designed for The Susan Hensel Gallery for this exhibition. Viewers were able to experience with her a space as clean and clear as a summer night in the Boundary Waters. As the artist, herself, much intended, the constellations pictured in the work also formed constellations between those in attendance.

Related Events

On Saturday, February 23, a horde of guests returned for GAZING AT STARS, a reading by TIC, Talking Image Connection. TIC is a group of Twin Cities writers who respond to art. They meet with the artist, spend time with the show, go home and write poetry and prose in reponse. On February 23 they returned to the gallery to perform their pieces, which were received exceptionally warmly. A limited edition chapbook of the reading was made especially for the event. Reading that night were Alison Morse, Jean Larsen, Ace Moore, Jeff Skemp and Charlotte Sullivan.

On Saturday, March 1, Karen Hanmer returned to host a closing brunch. She was very grateful for this opportunity to create a new work for this space and wanted to share more time with the viewers. Food was provided by Firefly2 Coffee Bistro, next door.