The windows at Susan Hensel Gallery are a highly visible space for presenting artwork that is not damaged by the sun and somewhat fluctuating temperatures. They are lit 24 hours per day.

What might show in the windows of Susan Hensel Gallery? sculpture, acrylic painting, installation art, ceramics, assemblage...other media?

How will the artwork be displayed? the window has many ceiling hooks, the side walls & the floor can receive nails, a semi solid back drop and many kinds of display equipment are available.

How to apply? please send several jpg's and a written proposal of what you want to do via email; a resume or bio would be helpful. Will there be publicity? there will be a small amount of online publicity using linked blogs, social media and email. No postcards will be printed for the window shows.

The windows at Susan Hensel Gallery are west facing, twin, double paned tempered glass, deep windows that face a busy street and a bus stop. They are moderately well lit. Each window is 48" deep, 82" tall and 86 " wide across the back. The front of the windows is 68" wide with the angled pieces of glass that lead to the door being about 44 inches wide. ( see the gallery map link to the left.).

• Submitting a proposal for the Windows or Garden

READER'S ART , an annual survey show of artists books, is now a program of Minnesota Center for Book Arts

It became clear that it was time to retire back to the studio full time. The official hand off to MCBA has occurred and the show will resume at Minnesota Center for Book Arts in 2015.This year's call for art will likely go out in early 2017. Stay tuned!

Inauguration: Acts of Resistance, Acts of Kindness
January 20, 2017

An art exhibition with signmaking, button making, poetry reading, music and potluck in the "gallery" space.

It is planned to be a wide ranging evening, appropriate for many ages that will include the opportunity to exhibit protest art; make and take yard signs that support a more positive focus; make and take buttons to remind people to "remember another way" that does not include misogyny, xenophobia and bigotry and, of course, there will be food.

I'm in contact with surrounding art businesses, poets and musicians to see if they want to join in an evening of revelry, turning Cedar Ave into the place to be on Inauguration night.

So, what do you think? Do you want to join me?

You are invited to show one or two pieces of art, wall art preferred, that speak to the current times.
Most work will be shown. The only limitations are space in the gallery/studio and a requirement that work be non-violent in imagery.
There are no fees of any kind. Donations toward materials gratefully accepted (I have a budget of @ $300 for the sign making and button making materials.) Sales are allowed, but not necessarily expected.
Please deliver art ready to hang on Wednesday, Jan 18-19, 3pm-7pm, If you are sending work from far away, I encourage you to send free stuff/mail art, things that do not need to be returned. It is only one night, afterall. Otherwise, send prepaid return shipping labels.
Robust social media, local and national press releases, Susan Hensel Gallery blog and website.

For promotional purposes, as soon as possible, send a large jpg (1920pixels on the long side) of representative work and any info that would help me write about you and your work to [email protected]

My goal is to begin to create pathways for positive resistance within our community. Art is my protest. It is what I do and have always done. Join me if you wish.

Thanks for considering this idea!